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7 Cheapest Places to Live in South Africa

7 Cheapest Places to Live in South Africa

Finding an affordable place to stay in this economy could be difficult – we can definitely relate to that – but there are still different options for you to live in South Africa (is South Africa cheap) without breaking the bank.

Yup, we’re not making this up. In fact, we’re giving you a quick tour of all these different cities here – so read on to learn more about them.

Where is the cheapest place to live in South Africa?

1. Polokwane

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Average Annual RentR48,000
Average Property PriceR1,050,000

As the capital city of Limpopo (places to visit in Limpopo), Polokwane’s a vibrant place to live in. It’s filled with lots of restaurants, museums and jazz clubs,  so you can do a lot of things while you stay here.

If you’re up for some downtime with nature, you can even go for a drive to Polokwane Game Reserve. It’s only ten minutes away from the city centre so it’s perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

2. Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth
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Average Annual RentR50,400
Average Property PriceR1,100,000

Port Elizabeth’s one of the most budget-friendly places to either buy new property or rent an apartment. It’s a coastal city that’s perfect for you if you love strolling by the beach or going whale watching in your spare time.

Although it’s a small city, we can assure you that the locals are friendly and the city is well-maintained. You’ll even enjoy going for walks around the neighbourhoods since it’s relatively safe.

3. East London

East London
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Average Annual RentR54,000
Average Property PriceR1,100,000

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life but still earn a good income, we believe East London’s the most suitable choice for you. It’s located on the estuary of the Buffalo River, giving you a perfect coastline view from your balcony.

This seaside town has it all: it’s safe, tranquil and most especially, affordable for the working middle class. 

Popular suburbs to check out are Beacon Bay and Nahoon Valley. They have cheap rentals and friendly property prices that do not compromise on safety and cleanliness so it’s too good of a deal to miss!

4. Durban

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Average Annual RentR61,200
Average Property PriceR3,102,022

Found on the east coast of the country, Durban (which is safer Cape Town or Durban?) has both beautiful beaches and bustling city life for you to enjoy as a resident. 

Living here is also good for your budget since it has affordable apartment rentals and properties for sale.

If you want to live by the seaside, Durban South is a great choice, with its warm weather and spacious homes at cheap rates, especially for families. 

But if you want to be close to the CBD, Durban Central’s the ideal pick since it’s close to many business establishments and local attractions – make it a great neighbourhood for working professionals.

5. Richards Bay

Richards Bay
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Average Annual RentR62,400
Average Property PriceR2,163,640

Richards Bay is not only a top tourist destination, but also an affordable residential area. Legend has it that this was once a small fishing village, but has since turned into a bustling industrial city.

Many investors even prefer to live here since it’s a great investment for the long term as the town continues to improve over time. 

You can do many things while you stay here, like visiting Alkantstrand Beach or shopping at Boardwalk Mall.

6. Pretoria

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Average Annual RentR72,000
Average Property PriceR556,558

Although it’s a major city, Pretoria (is Pretoria safe) is not as expensive as you think. It still has many affordable places to rent or buy.

As you live here, you’ll see streets filled with pretty flowers and vibrant Jacaranda trees all over your neighbourhood – that’s why we call it Jacaranda City. 

Pro tip: if you’re going somewhere near, it’s best to travel by foot than by car since the traffic can get really bad sometimes.

7. Centurion

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Average Annual RentR74,400
Average Property PriceR2,282,869

Found between Pretoria and Johannesburg, Centurion has both a modern and traditional feel. It has more than 200 stores and restaurants – and we’re not exaggerating – along with unspoilt lands perfect for golfing or hiking.

Although we must admit that properties here can fetch quite a bigger price, rentals offer better value for money – so it’s best to start with these if you’re not quite committed to the place yet.

FAQs on Living in South Africa

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