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Weekend Delight Guide to the Playground in Johannesburg

Weekend Delight: Guide to the Playground in Johannesburg

The Playground in Johannesburg is a fantastic and vibrant spot to check out when in the city during the weekend, specifically on a Saturday. Here, you get to enjoy artsy activities and delicious food items and even check out some great fashion finds.

But what is the Playground really and what are some points of interest to visit once you drop by this once-a-week pop-up venue? We have the low down on the Playground in Johannesburg if you want to know more!

Things to Know

Address: 73 Juta St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

Operating Hours:

  • Open every Saturday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Closed from Sunday to Friday

Contact Number: +27 60 890 4501


How to Get There

Bus: To get to the Playground from the Johannesburg Park Station via bus, walk for about 4 minutes to the Park Station bus stop, get on the bus and get off when you reach Joburg Theatre. From here, it’s going to be a ten-minute walk to the Playground.

Taxi: You can also take a taxi to get to the Playground from Johannesburg Park Station. This is the fastest (around 3 minutes) and most convenient (less walking from one station to the next) transportation option to get to the site.

What is the Playground?

The Playground in Johannesburg is a weekend neighbourhood market that provides both residents and visitors a venue to enjoy the arts (e.g. live music and painting), local and foreign foods, and fashionable clothing stores.

It used to be called the Saturday Neighbourhoods Market, which was founded in 2011, and while the pandemic resulted in its temporary closure, it’s now back in the form Playground. 

The founder claims that it’s not just a marketplace but also a space where people can just chill out, relax, and appreciate the joy of strolling through a marketplace that offers amazing delicacies and clothing brands with great entertainment through local talent!

Where to Eat: The Best Restaurants and Food Stalls

The rich food culture of South Africa is on full display when you visit the Playground. Below are some of the best restaurants and food stalls you may want to check out when dropping by this marketplace:

Contact Number: +27 11 403 1395

The Smokehouse and Grill is perfect if you’re the type of person who’s into Western cuisine. After enjoying the walk through the Playground marketplace, you can ease into this simple yet classy place to enjoy some steaks, fries, and burgers.

From: ericntsume

Contact Number: +27716649253 

Locals flock to Leano Restaurant and Live Music and it’s not hard to see why! The place offers some great food, amazing drinks, and vibrant live music from the different local artists each night!

Contact Number: +27113391358 

The Wing Republic is the epitome of cool and casual when it comes to restaurants in the Braamfontein area. They serve simple meals that are deliciously savoury while being budget-friendly such as burgers, fries, and different flavoured chicken wings. 

Steers is another casual Western cuisine diner where you can try out some great-tasting food items. While their burgers and fries are definitely a staple, we highly recommend their flavoured baby back ribs!

From abolukhele

Contact Number: +27117179365

Olives and Plates Wits Club and Conference is a more upscale restaurant near the Playground. 

It’s a very classy establishment with intricate and elegant fixtures, delicious menu items like salads; steaks; plated breakfast plates composed of eggs, and meat (such as bacon, ham, or sausages); and beans or vegetable side dishes.

Have you ever wondered what South African fast food tastes like? Well, here at Durban Deli located on the Playground’s ground floor, you can try out some bunny chow; it’s white bread hollowed out and filled with meats or other sauces of your choice.

Bunny chow is the rough equivalent of South African fast food, as it’s full of carbs and it’s designed to be a quick bite. We recommend getting a bottle of water ready, as this dish can be quite spicy!

Contact Number: +27 82 829 2297

With the explosion of K-POP (thanks, BTS and Blackpink!), it’s only natural that people have become curious when it comes to Korean cuisine. Thankfully, you can check out some of this Korean goodness in the heart of Johannesburg with Korean BBQ Kimchee!

They serve authentic beef bulgogi, Korean fried chicken, and bibimbap. One of their best-selling dishes, though, is tofu salad made with lettuce and dried seaweed.

From play_braam

Contact Number: +27 82 829 2297

Western cuisine meets African flavours here at Kanash Banash! While they serve Western dishes like burgers, fries, and nachos, they use locally sourced spices to make their menu items more savoury and peri-flavoured.

They also offer unique food combinations: try their green bun burgers, or sink your teeth in some cheese-topped pork ribs!

Contact Number: +27 84 231 2859

Santana Gourmet is a food stall in the Playground that offers dishes combining the best of Mozambique and Portuguese cuisine! Their menu mostly consists of dishes like beef, chicken, and prawns—perfect if you want something filling and savoury.

Their best-seller is the Santana Prego, a meat-based (either beef or chicken) dish served with grilled peppers and chilli garlic sauce. For something more unique, you can try ordering their marinated peri-peri chicken livers with chorizo.

Contact Number: +27 78 810 5915

Vegetarians will surely love what FeedMeFancy ServeMeSwee has to offer! They do have snack items that have meat such as samosas and spring rolls (either beef or chicken), but they also have vegetarian versions of these via their SnackBoat (platter).

Instead of beef or chicken on their samosas, you can opt for potatoes, cheese, corn, or spinach fillings. You can also request that their spring rolls be stuffed with mixed vegetables instead of their regular meat.

Where to Shop: Best Clothing and Accessories Stores

Aside from the restaurants and food stalls in and near the Playground, clothing and accessories stores are some of the highlights you need to check out when visiting. Below are some spots to strut to when spending the weekend at the Playground.

Contact Number: +27 72 197 1954 

Ark of O Designs is a local apparel brand that produces textile products that reflect African culture and beauty. You’ll see this in the materials they use and in the earthy shades of their product line.

They currently focus more on accessories such as handbags and flower pot covers. The designs on these are minimalistic and rather artsy!

Contact Number: +27 72 197 1954 

Bright accents and lively colours best describe the products crafted by Ndalwenhle. They focus on selling high-quality hats that showcase the vibrant beauty of South Africa with deep reds, earthy browns, and greys.

It can get hot while you’re making your way through a safari or while hiking out in the open, so if you happen to drop by the Playground, check out their wide-brimmed colourful hats to fend off the sun rays in style!

Contact Number: 072 134 9613 

Concrete Jungle features not just clothing for men, women, and children but also unique and classy-looking modern home accessories. They have wall clocks, soap dishes, pots, and mug coasters that have minimalist and sleek designs.

Visit them during your tour of the Playground to grab some of their merchandise as decor for your own home or as a souvenir for family and friends when you get back home!

Contact Number: +2776 410 4034

Inkaturah is the perfect store to visit if you want to complete your outfit! They sell contemporary and uniquely South African accessories and jewellery that will surely make your look pop and stand out!

They mostly sell earrings that are classified as basadis (Jain-inspired earrings), rings, or studs. We like their basadis, as they are quite gorgeous and interesting to look at on their own!

From unlearn_afrika

Contact Number: +27728626611

Looking for fashionable finds doesn’t need to be expensive or harmful to the environment. This is what Soulart Foundation is all about—creating artisanal clothes and accessories using ethical, eco-friendly methods.

For example, their silk products are made using ethical silk production, while their cotton fabrics mostly use recycled and eco-friendly materials. You can buy a dress or two from them knowing that you got a fashionable deal while keeping Mother Nature safe!

Contact Number: +27 72 450 4768

For something more laid-back or casual, you can check out what Jozi Streets has on sale when at the Playground. They specialise in urban wear for daily city use such as shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps.

Their products sport minimalist designs, so if you want something without a large logo, Jozi Street apparel might be the clothing brand for you. You might also like their frequent use of monochrome colours, as it’s easier to maintain plain-coloured shirts!

Blcktagg isn’t a clothing store per se but rather an artist selling his work in the form of drawings or sketches that you can then use to decorate your home or to give as a souvenir. 

He loves to use thick black ink, which we think makes his work stand out. You can check out his social media feed if you want to get updates on his work or if you just want to watch him paint!

From nazoartsandprojects

Contact Number: +27 72 917 9376

The Dope Store redefines what urban wear means, as their products are not only functional and casual, but they also look fashionable and elegant. You can check out their tops, bottoms, and accessories to compliment your style while touring the country!

Some of their pieces are also collaborations with other brands. As of this writing, they have an impressive collab with PRBLM; these limited-run shirts and accessories will probably be collector’s items!

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