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Discovering SA’s Jewels Best Provinces in South Africa

Discovering SA’s Jewels: Best Provinces in South Africa

South Africa is not just home to a diverse population but also numerous provinces with their own unique identities. That said, each province in the country has something different to offer, from natural beauty and amazing wildlife to unique cultures.

If you’re considering a trip to South Africa but don’t know where to go, here’s a list of the best provinces in South Africa that are worth visiting.

1. Western Cape 

Western Cape

The Western Cape is arguably the most popular destination in South Africa, known for being home to many of the country’s most iconic landmarks. The most popular place here is Cape Town, which is also the country’s capital.

This region offers a lot due to its great blend of natural and urban sprawl, as well as rich cultural experiences. The area is known for outdoor activities such as hiking up the iconic Table Mountain and exploring the diverse wildlife of the Afromontane Forest.

The Western Cape is perfect for those who enjoy nature, as the place is filled with scenic mountain views and lush flowery meadows by the seaside. It’s also home to beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and lovely coastal towns with lots of great food.

2. Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is another province that’s perfect for nature lovers seeking unique exploration opportunities. Located beside the Western Cape, this place has a diverse landscape filled with rainforests, sandy beaches, lush gardens, and beautiful parks.

One of the reserves we recommend visiting is Tsitsikamma National Park, which is home to towering yellow redwoods called the Big Tree. For animal lovers, you can also visit Addo National Park, which is home to elephants, rhinos, and Cape buffalos.

What makes the Eastern Cape stand out is its lovely coastal towns that offer tons of fun activities like surfing and beach bumming. There are also lots of interesting things here, such as the picturesque beach and Victorian-era heritage sites of Port Elizabeth.

3. KwaZulu-Natal


Located in the easternmost part of South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal is a coastal province that’s famous on the continent for its beautiful sandy beaches. Durban is the largest city in the province and is home to lovely green spaces, malls, beaches, and much more.

KwaZulu-Natal is quite popular worldwide for its natural beauty and diversity, especially concerning wetlands. A great example of this is the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, which is home to numerous coral reefs, swamps, and dunes.

One of the best things about the province is how it has tons of lovely natural rock formations that are quite mesmerizing, like the Amphithéâtre. This lovely geological wonder is a ridge surrounded by hills that are home to the beautiful Tugela Waterfall.

4. Free State

Free State

Free State is the place to be if you enjoy the ambiance and vibe of the countryside’s rich farmlands and tall grassy fields. This region of South Africa is primarily known for its agricultural scene, with over thirty thousand farms, and its lovely mountain-like terrain.

Unlike the lush greenery you can find in other regions of the country, the Free State boasts a scenic sea of orange wheat and sorghum fields. The region’s abundance of grassy plains and pastured lands gives off the feel that you’re in an old cowboy film.

Despite this, the region is teeming with parks and mountains where you can find lots of caves and cliffs to explore, as well as rock formations to discover. One of our favorite places here is the Golden Gate National Park, which is home to many beautiful trails.

5. Limpopo


Limpopo is the northernmost province in South Africa, known for its abundance of bushveld terrain and nature reserves. Aside from that, the place is also South Africa’s best safari spot with wildlife-rich places like Kruger National Park.

The area is made up of lush mountainous areas, such as the Waterberg Biosphere, where you can find a plethora of clean gorges, cliffs, and sandstone formations. It’s also a great place to catch sight of some rare wildlife like black-headed orioles and snakes.

Aside from that, Limpopo is also home to a bunch of interesting trees like the baobab tree. This beautiful tree features thick round trunks where animals rest and flowers that bloom during the night.

6. North West

North West

The appropriately named province of North West is home to grasslands dotted with huge trees and mountain ranges. Bordering the provinces of Free State and Northern Cape, North West is also a beautiful haven for all things outdoors and exploration!

North West is home to the Magaliesberg Mountain range, which offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views in the country. The mountain range is also home to the Hamerkop Kloof, a lovely rock valley filled with greenery!

Aside from that, North West is also home to the Pilanesberg National Park, where you can find lots of geological wonders. One of these is the Pilanesberg, an incredible circular volcanic structure that is said to be millions of years old.

7. Gauteng


Gauteng translates to “place of gold” in the Sotho language, perfectly describing the smallest province in South Africa. Despite its small size, Gauteng is the most populated province in the country and is also home to the city of Johannesburg.

The place sits 1500 meters above sea level, placing this high-altitude province on the inland plateau known as the Highveld. One interesting aspect of Gauteng is how parts of the Magaliesberg mountains and Witwatersrand cut into the region.

Despite its high altitude, the province is known for its arid savannas where you can find acacia trees and wildlife everywhere. Other than that, Gauteng is also home to an abundance of subtropical areas where you can find lots of lovely, nature-rich forests. 

8. Mpumalanga


Mpumalanga is home to beautiful landscapes that feature rich forests, huge mountains, and large valleys. Tourists and locals alike come to the province for its lovely trails, hiking activities, and a relaxing yet scenic environment.

Since it’s packed with lots of natural terrains, it’s no surprise this province is a hot spot for outdoorsmen looking for some fun. In fact, people often go on safari trips in the area since it’s home to a portion of Kruger Park, which is teeming with dangerous animals.

Speaking of animals, the province is also home to an abundant population of pink flamingos that can be found around the lake district. Here, you’ll come across thousands of flamingos forming a pink sea — which is quite a sight to see.

9. Northern Cape

Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is the largest province in South Africa and is also home to lots of untouched wilderness and natural beauty. Fun fact: it’s even bigger than Germany, so getting around the area may feel like an eternity!

It’s home to the largest district in the country known as Namaqualand, which is renowned for its stunning beauty and environment. The place has lots of meadows that are filled with wildflowers that come to life during spring, offering a breathtaking sight.

There are great places to hike here too, such as the banks of the Orange River where you can admire the beauty of Namaqua daisies and the area’s scenic atmosphere. It’s also the only place where you can find the legendary black-maned Kalahari lion!

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