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A Local’s Quest for the Best Steakhouses in Johannesburg

Ever wandered the streets of Johannesburg, feeling that rumble in your stomach that only a perfectly grilled steak can satisfy?

Having roamed these streets for years, I’ve made it my mission to uncover the best spots in town (places to visit in Johannesburg) where you can sink your teeth into this carnivorous delight.

So, if you’re ready to join me on a flavorful adventure through Johannesburg’s top-notch steakhouses, grab a bib and let’s dig in!

The Butcher Shop & Grill


Address: Shop 30 Nelson Mandela Square Sandton

Phone: +2711 784 8676

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 12 PM to 10:30 PM

The Butcher Shop & Grill on Nelson Mandela Square is a renowned steakhouse that has been a part of South African culture for over twenty years.

While T-bone steaks are often favoured for their succulent blend of tenderloin and strip steak sections, I opted for a cubed mid-rare fillet with rosemary, which was tender and flavorful.

Our meal was complemented by ice-cold Windhoek beer, enhancing the overall experience. 

Pro Tip:
Swing by their butcher’s counter for a great selection of premium cuts, spices, and more. Their expert staff is ready to help you find what you need.

The Bull Run


Address: 20 Maude St, Sandown, Sandton

Phone: +27 11 511 0235

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 12 PM to 10:30 PM

When I dined at The Bull Run in Sandton, it was clear this place was a true culinary gem. The modern, stylish interior and the spacious outdoor patio, perfectly complemented the exceptional meal.

I ordered steak and chicken, which arrived seared and tender. The steak had a rich, smoky flavour, while the chicken was seasoned with a blend of herbs that tantalised my taste buds.

What made the experience even better was the service—attentive and knowledgeable without being intrusive. 

Pro Tip:
Between 12 PM and 2 PM, you can get a free soft drink for any meal over R150.

Trumps Grillhouse and Butchery


Address: Nelson Mandela Square, 5th St &, Rivonia Rd, Sandton

Phone: +27 (11) 784 2366

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 11 AM to 10 PM

Trumps Grill is famous for its Karan beef. The food, coupled with its impressive wine collection and modern vibe, makes for a perfect evening.

I ordered the 280-g sirloin, while my friend went all out with the massive 1-kg prime rib. The sage garlic and truffle butter sauces were incredible, adding a unique flavour to the already delicious steaks.

We also checked out their new on-site butchery and picked up some prime cuts for a weekend braai. So, whether dining in or taking meat home, Trumps Grill caters to all beef lovers.

Pro Tip:
Pair your Karan Beef rib eye with a local cabernet sauvignon, merlot, or shiraz for a delicious combination. The steak’s tenderness and rich flavour complement the wines’ high tannins and bold fruit flavours.

Turn ‘n Tender


Address: Shop 8, Parktown Quarter Cnr 3rd & 7th Ave, Parktown North

Phone: +27 (11) 788 7933

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday – 11:30 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM

For over four decades, Turn ‘n Tender has established itself as a premier destination for exceptional steaks. This steakhouse knows how to cook a great steak every single time.

On a busy Thursday evening, I had a table outside the restaurant on the pavement. 

I ordered the 400-g medium-rare Point Rump steak, which had a rich, smoky flavour, a perfect char on the outside, and a tender, juicy centre.

Pro Tip:
Reserve a table for a chance to win a mixed case of their wines and indulge in a memorable evening of great food and delicious steak with your special someone.

Bossa Bedfordview


Address: Shop 16, Bedford Village Shopping Centre Cnr Van Buuren & Nicol Rd, Bedfordview

Phone: +27 10 035 5019 

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 8 AM to late night

Based on a friend’s recommendation, I decided to check out Bossa Bedfordview for both lunch and dinner. Despite the bustling atmosphere, finding a table wasn’t too tricky, and the food arrived promptly.

The staff here are genuinely friendly and attentive, popping by my table every so often to make sure everything was up to scratch, which I appreciated. 

Opting for their signature dish, the chimichurri steak, I savoured every bite of the perfectly cooked rump, generously topped with flavorful chimichurri sauce.

Pro Tip:
Snag a table for Burger Monday! Get your hands on the beloved Bossa Burger with chips and onion rings for just R75.

Che Argentine Grill


Address: 128 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood

Phone: +27 11 268 2509

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday – 4 PM to 10 PM
  • Thursday – 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Friday – 12 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday – 12 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 5 PM

Che Argentine Grill is a favourite spot of mine for genuine Argentine food.

We ordered various dishes, including empanadas, salads, and desserts, but the meal’s star was definitely the Bife de Chorizo (sirloin steak). Cooked on an open-fire grill, it had a smoky, tasty kick that paired perfectly with its zesty chimichurri sauce.

The atmosphere was spot on, with the open kitchen adding warmth and the expansive outdoor seating providing an ideal setting for a leisurely meal with friends. 

Pro Tip:
Don’t miss out on their flavorful empanadas. They’re the perfect start to your meal, especially when paired with their zesty chimichurri sauce.

The Hussar Grill


Address: Shop U51, Morningside Shopping Centre, Cnr Rivonia Road & Outspan Road, Morningside, Sandton

Phone: +27 11 326 9330

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 9 PM

Hussar Grill was a real gem for our night out in Joburg. We enjoyed a variety of delicious appetisers and main dishes, with the steaks being the highlight of the evening.

While every dish we sampled left a lasting impression, one in particular stood out: the steak tartare. It was a true highlight. Imagine finely chopped raw beef, tender and bursting with flavour.

And let’s talk about desserts: we also tried their warm, traditional malva pudding. It’s accompanied by separate chocolate marshmallow shots for a delightful contrast and chocolate mints to complete the experience. 

Pro Tips:
Elevate your dining experience at this steakhouse with their freshest salads sourced directly from their rooftop garden. 

The Blockman


Address: 33 on 4th Ave, Parkhurst, Randburg

Phone: +27 10 900 3130

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, & Saturday – 12 PM to 11 PM
  • Friday & Sunday – 11 AM to 11 PM

Lunch at The Blockman was a pleasant surprise. We snagged a spot outside, where a fine mist kept us cool as cucumbers.

I tried their ribeye steak, cooked over an open flame, and it was truly satisfying, juicy, and bursting with flavour. They paired it with this creamy mushroom sauce, some wild mushrooms, and bone marrow that added this extra richness. 

We couldn’t fault the service. The waitstaff kept our glasses full and the table clear. There was even a private security keeping an eye on things.

Pro Tips:
Snag a seat with a view of their open kitchen. You’ll soak up the sizzle of the grill, the buzz of the dining area, and the stylish decor, making every moment of your meal engaging and enjoyable.

The Grillhouse


Address: Building 1, 11 Alice Lane, Sandhurst, Sandton

Phone: +27 11 783 6132

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 12 PM to dinner

In the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, you can’t miss The Grillhouse for your steak fix. It’s the spot for everything, from business meetings to date nights.

The steaks here are legendary, served just how you like them. Plus, the restaurant is known for its top-notch wine and whiskey selection, featuring favourites like Swartland Wine and Luddite Shiraz.

I tried the lamb cutlets with sautéed mushrooms and cheese sauce. The portion size was generous, and the cheese sauce enhanced the flavour of the cutlets.

Pro Tips:
Aim for sunset hours when the ambience is just right. Gather your team or family and soak in the perfect sunset view at this branch.

Marble Restaurant


Address: Trumpet on Keyes Corner 19 Keyes, Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank

Phone: +27 10 594 5550

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM

Marble Restaurant is known for its South African-style fire cooking, which involves grilling meats, fish, and veggies over an open flame. They also boast an extensive wine list featuring 100 wines from various regions.

During my visit, I couldn’t get enough of their Wagyu steaks. Each bite was tender and rich. 

The bread and butternut puree they served alongside were delicious, and the beetroot starter was a delightful balance of flavours. 

Pro Tips:
After enjoying your meal, check out their rooftop bar and enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

Thunder Gun Steakhouse


Address: 281 Beyers Naude Drive & Lewisham Rd, Blackheath, Randburg

Phone: +27 10 678 7224​

Operating Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – 11: 30 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Wednesday – 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Friday – 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Sunday – 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Thunder Gun Steakhouse has been serving amazing steaks in Johannesburg for over 50 years, with its old-school pub vibe that’s both cool and inviting. Their steaks, ribs, and burgers are all cooked juicy and flavorful.

One standout dish is the 1-kg Lone Ranger Ribs, which are perfect for sharing. They are renowned for their tenderness and mouth-watering juiciness. 

The ambience is perfect for both casual dinners and special occasions.

Pro Tips:
To ensure a seamless dining experience, it’s best to make a reservation by phone. Walk-ins may wait a while due to high demand.

Texakhana Spur Steak Ranch


Address: FF02, The Zone @ Rosebank, Oxford Rd, Rosebank

Phone: +27 10 880 7158

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 8 AM to 9 PM

When we visited Texakhana Spur Steak Ranch in Johannesburg, it was clear why it’s a local favourite among families. The place was bustling with activity, and kids were having a blast in the play area. 

We tried their lazy aged steaks and buffalo wings, and they didn’t disappoint. The meat was incredibly tender, and the Apple-Kiwi summer cooler was a perfect, refreshing drink to complement our meal.

While they do offer some vegetarian and vegan options, the restaurant is definitely a haven for meat lovers.

Pro Tips:
Take advantage of Texakhana’s regular specials, such as 2-for-1 Burger Mondays and discounted Steak Thursdays. They’re a great way to save some cash while enjoying delicious meals!

George’s Grill House


Address: 9 Club St, Linksfield

Phone: +27 87 138 4615

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 12 AM to 10:30 PM

George’s Grill House is one of my favourite spots in Linksfield, offering a great mix of aged meats and Mediterranean dishes.

Their steak menu is a highlight, featuring options like the skinny lamb chops and Angus sirloin. But the fillet on the bone steals the show with its juiciness and tenderness.

The atmosphere is lively, and the service is excellent. I’ll definitely be back!

Pro Tip:
Before heading to the grill house for a meal, consider stopping by Urban Airsoft for an adrenaline-pumping session. Just a short drive away from the restaurant, it’s a great way to work up an appetite and bond with friends or colleagues.

Don Armando Illovo


Address: Shop 2 Piazza Level Illovo Square 3 Rivonia Road, Illovo

Phone: +27 11 268 0007

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 3 PM

Don Armando Illovo in Johannesburg offers delightful Argentinian cuisine. 

When it comes to steaks, their wet-aged prime rib is a winner. Cooked to perfection, it’s usually served medium rare and seasoned just right. Their fresh fries complement it perfectly. 

The ambience inside is cosy, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Pro Tip:
Opt for indoor seating to avoid any distractions from passing traffic while enjoying your meal in the cosy ambience of the small shopping centre.

Bennigan’s Bedfordview


Address: Cnr Skeen Boulevard &, Hawley Rd, Bedfordview

Phone: +27 11 615 1658

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, & Saturday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM
  • Friday – 11:30 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 11:30 AM to 8 PM

Bennigans has been a go-to spot for great steaks and American cuisine since 1972. 

The last time I went, I tried their ribeye, which was cooked rare. It was perfectly seared, juicy as can be, and paired with a classic pepper sauce.

Even the chips were on point—crispy outside, fluffy inside—and the ice-cold beer was just the refreshing touch I craved. 

Pro Tips:
Tuesdays mean free meals for the little ones! Just order a main meal, and your kiddo eats at home. 
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