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Solo in the city? Here are the best things to do in Cape Town for singles

Being single in Cape Town is like having a secret pass to the city’s best adventures.

Forget feeling like the odd one out or stuck at home. Cape Town has your back with thrilling hikes up Devil’s Peak, beach days at Muizenberg, and evenings that flow from lively bars to soulful jazz clubs.

Honestly, you might even find that flying solo is the best way to explore this city’s vibrant heartbeat. So, whether you’re a local or just visiting, let’s dive into the ultimate guide for singles looking to make the most out of Cape Town!

Shop at Cape Town’s vibrant Greenmarket Square

Media from danielpechine

Address: Burg St &, Longmarket St

Phone: +27 

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 9 AM to 6 PM

Greenmarket Square is always buzzing with energy and excitement. Every morning, traders set up their colourful stalls, turning the cobbled square into a lively marketplace filled with curios, food, and handcrafted items.

I loved wandering through the stalls, finding unique canvas artworks and beautifully made leather goods. The traders were friendly and spoke in various languages, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

For food, you’re spoilt for choice. I had a fantastic meal at Trattoria Bellini, where the pizza was delicious and the view of the bustling square was perfect for people-watching. 

Pro Tip:
Plan your visit during the Cape Town International Jazz Festival for a free community concert. Don’t miss the vibrant First Thursdays events, where live music and local art blend into a memorable evening.

Hop on the Franschhoek Wine Tram and enjoy wine tasting


Address: Corner of Main Road & Cabriere Street, Franschhoek

Phone: +27 21 300 0338 

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 9 AM to 5 PM

Spending a day on the Franschhoek Wine Tram is an exciting way to explore the area’s beautiful vineyards and taste award-winning wines. The tram has eight different routes, each with 6–10 wineries to visit.

When I hopped on the tram, I was surprised by how easy it was to make friends with fellow wine lovers. By the time we reached the first estate, I’d already connected with several people.

Each stop offered something unique, from tasting different wines to enjoying stunning views. Even if you’re not a huge wine fan, the overall experience is worth it. 

Pro Tip:
Make sure to book your tickets in advance online to guarantee your spot and select your preferred route. With ten unique lines to choose from, each offering its own appeal and attractions, you’ll have plenty of options to consider.

Dive into the ocean depths with Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre


Address: 88 Main Road, Seapoint

Whatsapp: +27 21 434 3358

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 9 AM to 5 PM

If you’re up for an adventure in Cape Town, diving with Into the Blue is a solid choice. They are located right in the city centre, provide pick-up service, and adapt well to weather conditions for a secure diving experience.

I recently got my Open Water Diver certification with them, and it was smooth sailing. We did two dives from the shore and two from a boat, and let me tell you, those boat dives were something else.

The conditions were perfect. Water temperature was around 18°C and visibility was 10–15 metres. We swam with seals and explored the famous kelp forests, which felt pretty mystical. 

Pro Tip:
Don’t hesitate to request your preferred schedule. Even if it’s not listed, Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre will strive to accommodate your requests. Just contact them by phone and dive into your customised exploration!

Join a hiking group on various Cape Town hiking trails

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Cape Town is the ultimate playground for hikers, and there’s no shortage of trails to explore here. Joining a group tour adds a social element to the experience, perfect for singles looking to meet new people with a shared love for the outdoors.

The trails here cater to all levels of hikers, from the leisurely stroll along the Pipe Track to the challenging ascent of Devil’s Peak.

If you’re new to hiking, fear not. Cape Town welcomes beginners with open arms. For a serene escape, I recommend the Tranquillity Cracks Hiking Trail, where the beauty of nature unfolds with each step.

Pro Tip:
Always match the trail to your group’s abilities and start with popular routes like Lion’s Head or the Pipe Track. Remember, the best hike is one where every member can reach the end feeling accomplished and invigorated.

Take cooking classes at Stir Crazy Cooking School


Address: 14 W Quay Rd, Waterfront

Phone: +27 21 501 0695 

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 7 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Saturday – 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Stir Crazy Cooking School is a gem for both foodies and singles looking to spice up their social lives. I’ve had the pleasure of attending their classes, and it’s more than just about cooking; it’s about camaraderie and exploration.

At Stir Crazy, you’ll find specialised courses ranging from singles nights to weekend workshops, covering everything from dim sum to Moroccan cuisine. The classes are hands-on and engaging, with opportunities to learn alongside fellow enthusiasts. 

The atmosphere is relaxed, and the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. Depending on the group size, some sessions may be demonstration-style, but there are always chances to pitch in and assist the chef.

Pro Tip:
Opt for a Stir Crazy voucher to give the gift of choice and a personal touch. It’s a thoughtful and flexible present that allows the recipient to select their preferred culinary experience or use it towards any course they desire.

Feel the thrill of paragliding from Lions Head or Signal Hill


Address: 1, Signal Hill

Phone: +27 61 583 4055

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 7 AM to 8 PM

If you’re looking to up the ante on your adventure game, paragliding with Cape Hope is where it’s at. I’m talking about the kind of experience that will get your heart pumping and your adrenaline soaring.

I strapped in for a tandem paragliding ride, and we took off from Signal Hill. The moment we soared into the sky, the view was out of this world—Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles, the Atlantic Ocean, and the rugged Cape Peninsula.

Cape Hope’s team is exceptional, ensuring a smooth experience from booking to landing. Take-off and landing feel effortless under their expert guidance.

Pro Tip:
After an exhilarating paragliding day, consider unwinding at the Signal Hill Lodge. It’s the perfect retreat to relax and reflect on your adventure, with the bonus of a hearty breakfast to start your next day’s journey.

Explore the city aboard the iconic Red Bus City Sightseeing Tour


Address: 36 Auckland Street, Paarden Eiland

Phone: +27 21 511 6000 

The Red Bus City Sightseeing Tour is a great way to explore Cape Town, hands down. I’ve hopped on that iconic double-decker bus more times than I can count, and every time, it’s an adventure.

You’ll have the chance to visit the District Six Museum, marvel at Table Mountain, explore the V&A Waterfront, and wander through the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood. You’ll also get to soak in the beauty of Cape Town’s beaches and coastlines.

The best part is the hop-on-hop-off feature, allowing you to spend as much time as you want at each location. It’s the perfect opportunity to really delve into the unique offerings of each destination. 

Pro Tip:
For the best deals, always book directly through the official website. This not only guarantees the lowest prices but also ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date information and special offers.

Try stand-up paddle boarding with SUP Cape Town


Address: Battery Park, Alfred St, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

Phone: +27 71 603 8388

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday – 9 AM to 5 PM

I recently tried stand-up paddle boarding at the V&A Waterfront, where I paddled through calm canals with an experienced instructor guiding me. It was a great way to start, especially since I’m a beginner and the waters were easy to navigate.

If you’re looking for more excitement, Muizenberg is the place to catch waves on your SUP board. Balancing on the waves was a real adrenaline rush and perfect for those with a bit more experience. 

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, SUPing is a fantastic way to explore our beautiful waterways and get some exercise. It’s fun, accessible, and offers a different perspective of the city.

Pro Tip:
Always start on your knees to get a feel for the board’s balance before standing up. Keep your feet parallel, about hip-width apart, and maintain a slight bend in your knees for better stability as you paddle through the water.

Hop between Cape Town’s iconic museums at your own pace

Media from districtsixmuseum

Museum hopping is an enriching way to explore the vibrant culture and history of our city. One of my favourite spots is the District Six Museum, where the stories of displacement and resilience are incredibly moving. 

The Iziko South African National Gallery is another gem with a diverse art collection, ranging from contemporary to classic works. The atmosphere is perfect for a quiet, reflective experience.

For sports enthusiasts, the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum is a highlight. I found the exhibits on the country’s rugby legends fascinating, with lots of memorabilia that brings the sport’s history to life. 

Pro Tip:
For an optimal museum-hopping experience in Cape Town, aim for a weekday visit when crowds are smaller, ensuring a more personal and contemplative interaction with the exhibits. 

Take a ride on the aerial cableway up to Table Mountain


Address: 5821 Tafelberg Rd, Table Mountain (Nature Reserve),

Phone: +27 21 424 0015

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 8:30 AM to 4 PM

Taking a Cableway ride to the top of Table Mountain is an exciting adventure that offers a breathtaking view of one of the New7Wonders of Nature. The ride itself is quite the thrill, offering sweeping views of the city, coastline, and vast ocean.

When I take the Aerial CableWay and ascend Table Mountain, the anticipation builds with each passing minute. The 360-degree rotating cable car ensures I don’t miss a single angle of the breathtaking scenery.

The facilities at the top, like food, bathrooms, and a gift shop, make it convenient. Plan to spend about 1 to 2 hours exploring, unless the weather changes suddenly.

Pro Tip:
Consider purchasing an afternoon ticket. This not only offers a chance to enjoy the attraction with fewer crowds but also provides a spectacular opportunity to witness the breathtaking sunset over the city.

Enjoy a leisurely walk amidst the beauty of the Company’s Gardens

Address: 19 Queen Victoria Street

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 7 AM to 7 PM

Company’s Garden is a serene oasis nestled right in the heart of the city. Whenever I need a break from the hustle, it’s my go-to spot.

You’ll find trees everywhere, tons of greenery, and huge lawns perfect for chilling out or having a picnic. Plus, there are benches scattered around, so you can just sit back and soak it all in.

But what makes this place special are the friendly squirrels that are everywhere. It’s entertaining to watch them come right up to you and jump around like they own the joint.

Pro Tip:
Don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your cultural experience at the Iziko South African Museum and the Iziko National Gallery. Afterwards, refuel at the Company’s Garden Restaurant, where the ambience is as refreshing as the cuisine.

Have a full day basking in any of Cape Town’s stunning beaches

Media from amahle_africa_

Cape Town has some of the most incredible beaches I’ve ever experienced.

If you’re into lively scenes and stunning views, Camps Bay Beach is the spot to be. But if you prefer a quieter escape, the secret beaches like Platboom or Diaz offer serenity away from the crowds.

Surfers, you’ll love Muizenberg Beach with its iconic colourful huts and awesome waves. And for something truly unique, Boulders Beach lets you hang out with adorable penguins.

Pro Tip:
Before heading to the beaches, always check the local weather forecast to ensure the conditions are ideal for your beach day. Cape Town’s weather can be quite unpredictable, and a sunny morning can quickly turn into a windy afternoon

Rent a bike from Up Cycles and explore the city freely


Address: 0 Beach Rd, Sea Point

Phone: +27 74 100 9161 

Up Cycles is your go-to spot if you’re keen to explore Cape Town on two wheels. I’ve rented from them a few times, and each ride has been a blast. 

The route along the Atlantic Seaboard is flat, so no need to worry about steep hills killing your vibe. From Sea Point, you can pedal your way past Bantry Bay and Clifton, all the way to Camps Bay. 

Oh, and about the bikes themselves? They’re these cool upcycled cruisers from Holland, comfy as can be. Single speed, back and pedal breaking—easy peasy. They have options for all sizes, so no worries about finding one that fits. 

Pro Tip:
If you’re feeling the other direction, starting from the pavilion, you can cruise along the Sea Point and Mouille Point Promenade, maybe make a pit stop at the V&A Waterfront or check out the greenery at the Biodiversity Showcase Garden.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the local wildlife at World of Birds

Media from craiglotter


Address: Valley Rd, Hout Bay 

Phone: +27 21 790 2730 

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 9 AM to 5 PM

I recently visited World of Birds and was blown away by the variety of bird species on display. Walking through the park’s expansive grounds, I found myself surrounded by over 3,000 birds from 400 different species.

What’s great about World of Birds is that it’s not just about birds. There are also mammals like baboons, meerkats, and porcupines roaming around. It’s like stepping into a mini wildlife reserve right in the heart of Hout Bay.

I spent hours exploring the park, wandering through the aviaries and observing the birds up close. From colourful parrots to majestic eagles, there was no shortage of fascinating creatures to see. 

Pro Tip:
Unwind at the newly opened Hornbill Café after your tour, where you can reflect on the day’s experiences with a refreshing drink in hand.

Join a social dining circle at Reverie Social Table


Address: 226A Lower Main Rd, Observatory

Phone: +27 79 060 6971

Operating Hours:

  • Wednesday to Saturday – 6:30 PM to 11 PM

The Reverie Social Table is a cosy dining spot that offers a unique social experience for every customer. With just 18 seats available, it’s an intimate setting where guests are encouraged to mingle and chat throughout the evening.

Julia, the host, does a fantastic job of making everyone feel welcome, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The five-course dinner was a culinary delight, with each dish expertly prepared and beautifully presented. 

I had the chance to meet people from all over the world, as well as locals, which added to the charm of the experience. If you’re looking to meet new people while enjoying delicious food, I highly recommend this restaurant.

Pro Tip:
When meeting new people, choose a seat at the bar or communal table to naturally encourage conversation. Compliment something specific, like a choice of dish or accessory, as an easy icebreaker to start a dialogue.

Socialise and explore at Long Street Backpackers


Address: 209 Long St, Cape Town City Centre

Phone: +27 21 423 0615

Long Street Backpackers is where I spent some of the best times in Cape Town. As a solo traveller, it was exactly what I needed—a social hub where meeting new people was effortless.

The courtyard and bar were buzzing with energy, filled with fellow travellers from all corners of the globe. One highlight was the Friday night braai, a chance to mingle over grilled goodness.

The staff were always friendly and helpful, making sure everyone felt welcome. Clean rooms and reliable Wi-Fi were a bonus, and the central location meant I could explore the city with ease. 

Pro Tip:
Book directly through their website. It’s the quickest way to secure your spot on exhilarating activities like paragliding and shark-cage diving. Plus, you’ll get first dibs on their popular daily activities.

Kayak alongside African penguins at Boulders Beach


Address: Simons Town Jetty, Wharf Street, Simons Town

Phone: +27 65 707 4444

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 7 AM to 5 PM

I had this fantastic experience kayaking alongside Cape Town’s African Penguins. We launched from Simon’s Town and paddled along the False Bay coastline, taking in breathtaking views as we went.

The highlight, of course, was getting up close and personal with the African Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach. Those little guys are so curious and playful. Some of them even swam right up to our kayak to say hello.

And it’s not just penguins. We also spotted Cape Fur seals, whales, and dolphins, making the whole experience even more magical. Plus, there were plenty of seagulls and other seabirds adding to the coastal atmosphere. 

Pro Tip:
For an unforgettable kayak trip to Boulders Beach, embrace the winter months. You’ll enjoy serene paddling conditions, stunning views, and the thrilling possibility of whale sightings alongside the charming penguins.

Attend a salsa class at Mojo Market


Address: 30 Regent Rd, Sea Point

Operating Hours:

  • Every Sunday at 8 PM

Mojo Salsa Sundays at Mojo Market is the perfect spot if you’re single and looking to mix things up. I remember my first visit; the place was buzzing with energy, filled with a diverse crowd, and the aroma of delicious food from the stalls was just irresistible.

Arriving around 7 PM, I grabbed a seat, a refreshing bubble tea, and watched as the dance floor began to fill up. By 8 PM, the class began, welcoming everyone warmly and breaking down the steps so even beginners, like me, could follow easily.

The best part was when we paired up for partner work. Everyone was chatting and laughing, and it felt incredibly easy to strike up conversations and meet new people. 

Pro Tip:
At the same venue, don’t miss the chance to step up to the mic at Karaoke Mondays! It’s the perfect way to unwind after the start of the week and showcase your vocal flair in a vibrant atmosphere.

Visit to Robben Island for a historical experience

Media from ctbig6 


Phone: +27 (0)21 413 4200

Robben Island is not just a landmark but a poignant chapter in South Africa’s history. 

The guided tour through the notorious prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years offers a sobering look at the harsh realities faced by political prisoners. Standing in Mandela’s tiny cell, I felt a palpable connection to his enduring spirit.

Exploring the island’s windswept shores and the hauntingly quiet limestone quarry where prisoners toiled was a profound experience.

Pro Tips:
For a seamless trip to Robben Island, it’s best to book your ferry tickets in advance, as they can sell out quickly, especially during peak tourist season.

Remember to check the weather forecast before your visit, as ferries can be cancelled on short notice due to rough sea conditions.

Chase the sunset in Cape Town’s best spots

As a local, I’ve had my fair share of sunset adventures, and let me tell you, they never disappoint.

One of my favourite spots is the Look-Out Cave on Chapman’s Peak Drive. Tucked away from the crowds, it offers a peaceful escape to soak in the mesmerising hues painting the sky.

Lions Head and Table Mountain are my go-to choices for a bit of hiking before settling in for sunset views that stretch for miles. But for a truly off-the-grid experience, nothing beats discovering Sunset Rock.

Pro Tip:
Take photos or go for a walk outside during the golden hour, which is the hour before the sun sets. You’ll catch amazing shadows and beautiful lighting for your pictures or evening strolls.
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