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Road to Forever 4 South African Wedding Gift Ideas

Road to Forever: 4 South African Wedding Gift Ideas

Attending a wedding (how do I plan a cheap wedding in South Africa?) is always a fun and memorable experience. But if you’re worried about what to give as a wedding present – fret not, because we got your back. 

Here are some ideas for meaningful (and uniquely South African) gifts that the bride and groom will surely treasure!

South African Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Swartpotjie and Platpotjie

Swartpotjie and Platpotjie
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Now before you think it’s odd to give cast-iron pots (which is essentially what a swartpotjie or platpotjie are) as wedding presents, we’re here to ease your mind. In South Africa, these are actually considered rather thoughtful gestures!

Not only are they useful – especially for braais – but in local culture, they’re also thought to symbolise lifelong love. How’s that for rooting for the newly-wedded couple?

2. Luxury Blue Train Tickets

Luxury Blue Train Tickets
Photo by Andrew Balet from Wikimedia Commons

If you don’t mind splurging, why not gift the lucky couple with a pair of luxury Blue Train tickets?

Whether it’s grand suites or a personal butler, the Blue Train offers the ultimate honeymoon experience for those who appreciate majestic views and explore the country from the comfort of their seats.

Also, the train usually has limited trips, which will make their honeymoon (South Africa Honeymoon Ideas: # Best honeymoon experiences in South Africa) one for the books.

3. Wonki Ware Dinnerware

Wonki Ware Dinnerware
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Since dinnerware sets are essential in every home, especially for a newly-wedded couple, it’s a great idea to give them one from a local brand.

Wonki Ware products are handmade locally, and they look amazing, too! Prices usually range from R20 to R200 per piece.

The bride and groom might even feel honoured to know that this brand supports the local community, particularly those from the marginalised sector – so it’s a win-win for everyone.

4. The Fledge & Co. Wine Bottle

The Fledge & Co. Wine Bottle
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You can never go wrong with giving a bottle of wine as a gift, especially at South African weddings. No local – pinky swear! – could ever resist a vintage wine from the famous Cape Winelands (South Africa Road trip ideas: Top # best Routes in South Africa)!

We highly recommend The Fledge & Co. because of their wide range of vintage bottles, produced locally. The Hoeksteen and Klipspringer, in particular, are considered ‘heirlooms’!

For a little added gesture, you could consider picking a bottle with a date that’s connected to the couple – like when they first met or their birth dates.


Is there anything we missed? Let us know!

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