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Snow in South Africa

Snow in South Africa

South Africa is known for many things: unique variety, rich history and culture, beautiful landscapes, and a hot, arid climate. But did you know you can experience snow in some areas too?

Where in South Africa does it snow?

If you’re lucky, you can experience snow in some areas in the Northern, Western, and Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Free State.

Which months are winter in South Africa?

Which months are winter in South Africa


Winter in South Africa starts in June and ends in August. During this season, the temperature is low and moisture-less, leaving mountain ranges covered in snow.

In June, the temperature in the coldest areas in South Africa ranges from 40.5 degrees to  54.1 degrees Fahrenheit. July is the peak of winter, with temperatures falling to an average of 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the season comes to an end in August, temperatures start to increase. The average low temperature in the coldest areas, such as Sutherland, is 40.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where should I stay to see snow in South Africa?

1. Sutherland, Northern Cape

Sutherland, Northern Cape


Sutherland gets quite chilly throughout the winter with the lowest recorded temperature of 3.2 Fahrenheit. Snow can arrive early some years, even around the end of May or the start of June, according to the Discover Sutherland website. 

The month of August often receives the most snow, according to the locals. Take note, though, that this does not imply that there will be no snow in June or July; it simply indicates that August typically receives the most snowfall.

2. Matroosberg, Western Cape

Matroosberg, Western Cape


Matroosberg, one of South Africa’s most dependable locations to view reachable snow, is just a two-hour drive from the city and an even closer destination for locals looking for snow. 

The roads can get a little congested because it’s a fairly popular destination for day-trippers looking for snow.

3. Cederberg, Western Cape

Cederberg, Western Cape


The Cederberg mountains, which are only three hours’ drive from Cape Town, become an incredible snow wonderland in the winter. Following a period of rain and cold, snowfall entirely covers the Cederberg’s high mountain passes, peaks, and slopes.

4. Rhodes, Eastern Cape

Rhodes, Eastern Cape


Located near the Lesotho border, Rhodes is a modest and isolated village that can be reached from East London in around 4 hours by car. You’ll also find the Tiffindell Ski Resort is located nearby. 

The good news is, winters here are cold, regardless of whether or not there’s snow!

5. Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Hogsback, Eastern Cape


Hogsback is known to be South Africa’s own Hobbit land. If you schedule your visit, you can experience the Hogsback mountains covered with snow in the winter.

6. Underberg and Sani Pass, KZN

Underberg and Sani Pass, KZN


Sani Pass is also another popular destination for those looking for snow in South Africa. However, take note that visiting would require the use of a 4×4 vehicle.

Underberg and Himeville, two neighbouring towns, also receive snow, though not yearly.

7. Cathedral Peak, KwaZulu-Natal

Cathedral Peak, KwaZulu-Natal


Cathedral Peak is one of South Africa’s most stunning tourist attractions and one of the greatest places to see snow because it is always covered with snow during the winter. 

8. Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Free State

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Free State


The Golden Gate Highlands National Park is located three hours from Bloemfontein. In the winter, Golden Gate can see frigid lows of -9 to -15 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for snowfall.

FAQs on Snow in South Africa

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