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Johannesburg’s Top Learning Centres

Johannesburg’s Top Learning Centres

Range of services offered – We looked at the range these learning centres offer in terms of the variety of subjects/courses, learning setting, and learning materials available.

Resources and facilities – We also checked the quality of their facilities and whether they have the space to accommodate large numbers of students if needed.

Student level/s covered – Each learning centre is different and caters to different student levels. We prefer those that are accommodating and versatile.

Tuition fees – We made sure the learning centres we chose provide high-quality but affordable training and education.

1. Re-Imagine Learning Centre

Re-Imagine Learning Centre Homepage


Address: 61 Bellevue St, Troyeville, Johannesburg, 2139, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 73 007 7903

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Google reviews score4.8/5 reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.7/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Range of services offered4/5
Resources and facilities3.5/5
Student level/s covered4/5
Tuition fees4.5/5


  • Open to both young and old students
  • Has broad expertise in different subjects
  • Offers unique and community-led learning approaches
  • Offers flexible tuition fee payments


  • More focused on emotional and spiritual development 
  • Facilitators aren’t necessarily registered educators

Reimagined Learning Centre is a unique community built for the “restoration of learning”. There, you’ll encounter curious artists, researchers, farmers, and other individuals from different backgrounds.

This learning centre is a big advocate of unschooling, which is a form of informal learning. This approach allows children to follow their interests and pace their own learning, which we think is awesome. 

One thing we like about the Reimagined Learning Centre is its broad expertise in different subjects. Currently, they specialise in music, engineering, social studies, IT, arts, and many more.

Unschooling is usually done at the household level, but what we love about the Reimagined Learning Centre is they allow students to be exposed to a community of learners and facilitators and the natural environment.

Take note, though, that while these facilitators are experienced in their own fields, they aren’t necessarily registered educators. Also, they don’t really provide learning materials such as worksheets or textbooks as learning happens mostly through experience.

Their tuition fees are pretty flexible too. What’s exceptional about this learning centre is they practise equity, making sure that they adjust to families’ capability to pay. 

Reimagined Learning Centre is determined to provide its learners with a safe space for growth. That said, they’re very much focused on emotional and spiritual development rather than building skills – which may not appeal to all parents.

2. Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre

Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre Homepage


Address: 29 Talisman Ave, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2007, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 76 899 1498

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.2/5 reviews score3.9/5
Total reviews3.7/5
Score consistency4/5
Range of services offered4.2/5
Resources and facilities4.3/5
Student level/s covered4/5
Tuition fees3.5/5


  • Accommodates grades 3 – 12
  • Expert in special education (ADD, ADHD, Anxiety)
  • Well-staffed with accredited educators and facilitators
  • Has in-house therapists
  • CAPS-aligned curriculum


  • Reports on having unprofessional staff
  • Expensive

Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre is one of the most sought-after learning centres in Johannesburg, mostly preferred for their structured learning systems. Parents and guardians love the intimate and conducive learning environment the centre offers.

We like that they accommodate a wide range of student levels from grades 3 – 12. Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre offers one-on-one learning designed to help students improve their grades.

Our favourite feature of this learning centre is its expertise in special education, particularly in dealing with children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and anxiety and stress.

Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre subscribes to South Africa’s mainstream curriculum, which is aligned with the CAPS curriculum. They also offer extra classes and remedial learning for grades 1 to 12 for a wide selection of subjects, which we like.

It’s also a big plus for us that Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre is well-staffed with accredited educators and facilitators. Each comes from different background, but all are trained and experienced in handling students.

On top of that, they also have in-house therapists available to assist students who are experiencing stress or mental and social health challenges.

Nonetheless, there are a number of complaints about some of Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre’s personnel. We’re told some parents and guardians experienced dealing with rude and unprofessional staff, which is disappointing.

Lastly, some also find the learning centre’s tuition fee a bit expensive. The regular rate can cost up to 8,000, and Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre still bills for extra classes separately.

3. International House Johannesburg

International House Johannesburg Homepage


Address: 54 De Korte St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 339 1051

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:15 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
Facebook reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews4.3/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Range of services offered4/5
Resources and facilities4.5/5
Student level/s covered3.7/5
Tuition fees4.4/5


  • Member of IHWO
  • Complete and top-notch facilities
  • Also offers a social programme
  • Specialises in English language proficiency, teacher training, and IELTS prep
  • Has over 69 years of experience
  • Has sufficient and highly-trained instructors


  • Poor client communication
  • Does not offer refunds

International House Johannesburg is a popular English language and training centre. The organisation was established over 69 years ago and was able to expand the business through the years.

They’re a recognised member of the International House World Organisation (IHWO), which is known to be a wide network of schools around the world that provide excellent language and teacher training.

Their enrollees are usually young professionals who are either looking to improve their Business English or train to be English instructors. Their services are also available for both locals and foreigners.

International House Johannesburg specialises in English language proficiency, teacher training, and IELTS preparation. We like that they offer English language classes for different levels and purposes. 

Courses in general, business, and aviation English are available at the learning centre. We think it’s awesome that they have social programmes too, which are extracurricular activities that allow students and instructors to bond. 

Another thing we like about International House Johannesburg is its complete and top-notch facilities. The centre is spacious and well-kept, which we commend.

We also love how all of International House Johannesburg’s instructors are seasoned and highly trained. All instructors at the centre have been awarded the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults by Cambridge University.

Some of them also have a Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults or DELTA. On top of that, many instructors have experience teaching students abroad, which is impressive.

Students appreciate how part of International House Johannesburg’s mission is to provide English training and proficiency lessons at an affordable price. Take note that they don’t offer refunds, though, so make sure you’re ready to commit before you enrol.

If there’s anything we think International House Johannesburg needs to improve on, it’s its communication with its clients. A number of students have minor complaints regarding the learning centre’s unresponsive representatives.

We hope they can address this issue and hire more student support personnel to attend to all questions and concerns.

4. Tutorials Campus

Tutorials Campus Homepage


Address: BraamPark, Forum 2, 3rd Floor 33 Hoofd Street, Corner Rissik St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 83 331 3124

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Google reviews score4/5
Facebook reviews score3.8/5
Total reviews4.1/5
Score consistency4/5
Range of services offered4.6/5
Resources and facilities4.5/5
Student level/s covered4.6/5
Tuition fees4/5


  • Has high-quality facilities
  • Offers courses for UNISA, Matric Rewrites, and I.T
  • Also offers flexible part-time tuition
  • Provides several types of learning modes
  • Holds a passing rate of 98%


  • Unresponsive
  • Reports on distributing sub-par materials

Tutorials Campus is one of the top learning centres for university students in and around Johannesburg. They were originally established to assist distance learners in completing their programmes at university.

They offer courses for UNISA students, Matric Rewrites for primary, high school, and adults, and I.T courses. We love how the learning centre offers specialised programmes while accommodating all levels of students.

Tutorials Campus also allows several types of learning modes, which we commend. It’s convenient how students can opt for on-site or online programmes, especially as most of their enrollees are also full-time employees.

On top of that, the learning centre offers flexible part-time tuition to accommodate working students.

Another feature we like about Tutorials Campus is its outstanding facilities. Aside from the several spacious rooms at the centre, there are also fully-equipped computer labs available for students’ use. 

Students also really appreciate the stable and unlimited internet access at the learning centre.

As for the tuition fees, Tutorials Campus implements a one-time registration and per-session pricing. The registration fee is R 400 and two-hour sessions only cost R 500.

There are required minimum sessions per programme indicated during registration, though, so pay attention to that information. Also, yearly modules are billed on top of the session fees, which usually cost R 3500.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a handful of complaints about the quality of the modules Tutorials Campus distributes. Some students grumble that there are several grammatical errors and incorrect information in the materials, which is disappointing.

A number of their students and prospective clients are also not happy about the learning centre’s unresponsive student support. We’re told representatives are often difficult to reach out to especially once payment has been made, which we think is appalling.

5. Quest Computer Skills Centre

Quest Computer Skills Centre Homepage


Address: 9 Boeing W Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2047, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 622 5158

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Range of services offered4/5
Resources and facilities4/5
Student level/s covered4/5
Tuition fees3.6/5


  • Offers personalised and hands-on learning
  • Caters beginners to experts
  • Has several computer literacy programmes available
  • Has over two decades’ worth of experience
  • Run by women in technology


  • Costly
  • Limited slots

Quest Computer Skills Centre is one of the most- and highly-rated learning centres in town. They’re a women-run specialised learning centre that provides personalised and experiential learning for different computer courses.

One of the reasons why we included this learning centre on our list is its expertise. They have over two decades’ worth of experience and have developed computer literacy for more than 20,000 students, which we find impressive.

Quest Computer Skills Centre is a bit smaller and more student-focused compared to other learning centres. They only accommodate 14 learners per class to make monitoring and assessment easier for instructors.

We think this is a brilliant strategy for making sure the centre is able to provide hands-on assistance to each student. However, this also means there are limited slots in each class per enrolment season. 

We also like that they have several computer literacy programmes available for all levels of learners, including an Office Admin course, MS Office, Data capturing, and more. These are short-term courses that run anywhere from one day to a week.

Something to consider, though, is their steep pricing for their courses, especially considering their short duration. A one-day workshop can cost as much as R 890, and that amount can get you through a month in other learning centres.

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