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5 Colonoscopy Experts and Clinics You Can Check Out in Johannesburg Homepage

5 Colonoscopy Experts and Clinics You Can Check Out in Johannesburg

Accreditation and Experience – We chose clinics with credible proctologists and gastroenterologists who are experts in their fields to ensure that patients are given the best possible care.

Facilities – We checked out each clinic’s equipment and facilities and assessed whether they’re up-to-date, safe, and efficient.

Rates – The clinics we selected offer the best value for money.

Patient Servicing – We looked at the overall patient experience from booking an appointment with the clinic to post-procedure care.

1. Prof. O Mwantembe – Centre of Advanced Bariatric Endoscopy

Prof. O Mwantembe – Centre of Advanced Bariatric Endoscopy Homepage


Address: 2nd Floor, Arwyp Medical Centre Main, 20 Pine Ave, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1620, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 922 1044

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Accreditation and Experience4.3/5
Patient Servicing4/5


  • Offers a broad range of medical procedures
  • Has modern equipment


  • Clinic is difficult to contact
  • Reports on poor communication

Prof. O Mwantembe is the lead doctor in the Centre of Advanced Bariatric Endoscopy. He’s a renowned Specialist Physician and Gastroenterologist at Arwyp Medical Centre and a professor at the University of Pretoria.

We found Dr Mwantembe’s educational and professional backgrounds impressive. He received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Zambia, followed by a PhD obtained from the University of Edinburgh (UK) in 1993.

Furthermore, Dr Mwantembe is also a member of the South African Gastroenterology Society and is acknowledged in several organisations such as the Fellow of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

The Centre of Advanced Bariatric Endoscopy, where he practises, is equipped with the latest medical equipment and the medical experts implement the latest colonoscopy techniques.

Patients appreciate that the clinic attempts to meet patients’ needs at an affordable rate. Moreover, patients admire how the doctors are passionate about providing colon care to patients.

The clinic is also commended for its post-colonoscopy and treatment care because its staff is very hands-on. Patients describe the process as reassuring and guided, which are vital in recovery.

The only things we think the Centre of Advanced Bariatric Endoscopy needs to strengthen are its communication and relationship with patients.

There are minor grievances about the clinic being difficult to reach even during work hours. This is a red flag for us as the patient’s concerns can be urgent and life-threatening if ignored. 

Lastly, we were also told there are cases of miscommunication between patients and doctors which isn’t a good practice, especially in the medical field. 

A patient reported that they weren’t properly informed about the medications they were supposed to take for diagnosed ulcers, leading to complications. Thankfully, the clinic was quick to address the problem and assist the patient.

2. Dr Peter Taylor

Dr Peter Taylor Homepage


Address: Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre, Colorectal Unit 27, Eton Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 356 6425

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score4.8/5 reviews scoreN/A
Total reviews3.7/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Accreditation and Experience4/5
Patient Servicing3.5/5


  • Doctor is highly recommended for executing flawless surgeries
  • Offers after-care programme


  • May be diffuicult to book sometimes

Dr Peter Taylor is one of the younger Surgical and Gastroenterologist experts in town. He just recently completed his Fellowship in Surgical Gastroenterology with a special interest in Colorectal Surgery at the University of Witwatersrand last 2021.

Despite being new, Dr Peter Taylor has become one of the most sought-after medical specialists for colonoscopy and other gastrointestinal treatments. 

He’s highly commended by past patients for his apparent expertise and hands-on approach from diagnosis to treatment. The clinic is also preferred for its well-maintained interiors and state-of-the-art medical equipment. 

Patients describe the whole medical process under this clinic as seamless and safe. Dr Peter Taylor is also highly praised for executing flawless surgeries, with patients appreciating how their incisions are small and neatly done.

Another thing we found noteworthy about Dr Peter Taylor’s clinic is their after-care programme. They provide assistance for post-procedure/post-surgery for open/laparoscopic APR, hernia repair, colonoscopy/gastroscopy, and other procedures.

As for their rates, Dr Peter Taylor’s patients recommend his clinic for honest per-treatment charging and reasonable fees.

We do hope Dr Peter Taylor’s clinic can expand and hire more trained staff to take charge of all communications with patients. This way, the clinic will be able to assist and accommodate more.

3. Dr HR Schneider

Dr HR Schneider Homepage


Address: 9 Guild Rd Suite 202 2nd Floor Milpark Hospital, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 482 3010

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score3.9/5 reviews score2/5
Total reviews4.3/5
Score consistency3/5
Accreditation and Experience4/5
Patient Servicing4/5


  • Assigned doctor has more than 40 years of experience
  • Has fully equipped in-room endoscopy suites


  • Reports on unsatisfactory patient care
  • Expensive

Dr. HR Schneider is one of the well-known gastroenterologists in Johannesburg because he’s been around for quite some time now. He started providing medical services in 1981 and currently practises at the Milpark Hospital.

Their clinic specialises in endoscopy procedures such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy and video capsule endoscopy.

Through his years of medical service, Dr. Schneider has become a favourite doctor for many to call for anything gastrointestinal-related. Dr. Schneider is chosen by his patients for his credible name and fully-furnished clinic. 

Given this, we can understand why his rates are priced at a premium. Still, we think that patients wanting to benefit from his expertise would be willing to shell out.

One feature we like about the clinic is its fully equipped in-room endoscopy suites. Patients have the option to conduct the procedure in-room or be admitted to the clinic.

That said, we’re disheartened to hear grievances from patients who experienced unsatisfactory patient care from this clinic. We’re told they experienced dealing with the doctor’s rude and unprofessional attitude.

There are also a handful of complaints about the clinic’s expensive rates. Disappointingly, a patient reported being charged several consultation fees for just one treatment.

On the bright side, Dr Schneider’s staff were swift to address patients’ concerns, which is reassuring.

4. Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre

Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre Homepage


Address: 21 Eton Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 356 6000

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.2/5
Facebook reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Accreditation and Experience4.5/5
Patient Servicing3.7/5


  • Private hospital that offers a broad range of services under different specialisations
  • Well-resourced and partnered with highly-skilled professionals
  • Offers financing options


  • Poor internal administrative operations
  • Reports of poor servicing from staff

The Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre or WDGMC is South Africa’s first private academic hospital. 

The WDGMC is currently partnered with more than a hundred medical doctors who specialise in different fields. They provide a broad range of services in several units such as dialysis, endoscopy, oncology, and surgical gastroenterology among others.

The endoscopy unit, which is in charge of colonoscopies, is managed by expert medical and surgical gastroenterologists. 

The unit is also fully-furnished with the latest technologies and was just recently equipped with double-balloon endoscopy, as well as endoscopic ultrasound equipment.

Another feature we appreciate is it’s financing solutions. This assistance is great because treatment and procedural fees can get expensive, especially in severe cases.

However, patient servicing is apparently not their strong suit. While their doctors are applauded for impeccable performance, WDGMC’s staff aren’t often complimented.

In fact, we’ve heard several complaints from patients about the hospital staff’s rude behaviour.

On top of that, we noticed there are frequent problems with WDGMC’s internal administrative operations, particularly with booking appointments, scheduling, and room/bed assignment.

Because WDGMC is a busy hospital, there are instances when they run out of vacant rooms and even ward beds. Thus, patients line up to reserve a spot.

Disappointingly, the hospital’s queuing system and prioritisation are messy. There are several patients who are dismayed after being put on hold for so long, only to have the bed supposedly assigned to them given to somebody else.

We hope that management is working tirelessly to resolve these issues.

5. Dr WP de Beer

Dr WP de Beer Homepage


Address: 134 17th St, Orange Grove, Johannesburg, 2192, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 485 4741

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5 reviews score4.5/7
Total reviews3.9/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Accreditation and Experience4/5
Patient Servicing4/5


  • Proponent of enhanced recovery protocol – advanced cost-effective
  • Has a fully functional endoscopy suite


  • Responsiveness can be improved
  • Small clinic with a small team
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