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Your Furry Friend's Haven Best Dog Parks in Johannesburg

Your Furry Friend’s Haven: Best Dog Parks in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is home to many beautiful parks that are perfect for spending quality time with your family. The great news is that there are also several pet-friendly parks in Johannesburg, so you don’t have to leave old Fido behind!

Explore these awesome dog parks in Johannesburg we recommend. Your canine companions will adore them!

Ark Walk Park


Address: 17 Howard Avenue, Chartwell, JHB, Gauteng 2191

Phone: +27 82 334 7596

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 8 AM to 5 PM

Ark Walk Park is a 23-acre picturesque dog and family-friendly park, conveniently located just 5 minutes from Fourways.

As you step into this oasis, you’ll find a 2.5-km trail running track and two enclosed areas for anxious or anti-social dogs. 

The park is home to Ark Animal Centre, which started in a humble garage and has grown into a facility that has rehabilitated and rehomed thousands of dogs and puppies.

Pro Tips:
Ark Doggy Resort, nestled in the park, offers a fancy haven for dogs with spacious kennels, grassy gardens, and a beach-themed area. Take advantage of its round-the-clock supervision, interactive playtimes, and personalized care. 

Delta Park

Media from captaingus_theweimaraner

Address: 77 Craighall Rd, Victory Park, Randburg, 2195, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 888 4831

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

Delta Park is situated on the border of Blairgowrie and Victory Park, just 10 km northwest of the city center. It spans 104 hectares, making it one of the city’s largest green spaces. 

The park features extensive walking paths that are popular among weekend runners and cyclists and offers ample space for dogs to roam freely off-leash.

With expansive grassy areas, shaded paths, and water features such as ponds and streams, Delta Park provides plenty of opportunities for dogs to play, run, and explore.

Pro Tips:
Dog owners should be mindful of others while allowing their pets to enjoy the park’s open spaces and water areas.

Emmarentia Park

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Address: Olifants Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)11 712-6600

Emmarentia Park is a beautiful escape from city life and a popular spot for dog owners, featuring peaceful lawns and wooden chairs for relaxation. It offers plenty of greenery and space for dogs to run freely.

The park is part of the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, providing a retreat to nature and a chance for dogs to splash and swim in the Emmerentia dam.

Additionally, visitors can bring along a picnic or enjoy refreshments from the park’s café, making it an ideal location for a relaxing day out.

Pro Tips:
Don’t miss the annual summer sunset concerts at Emmarentia Dam where a fusion of local and international talent creates unforgettable music in one of Johannesburg’s most cherished settings. 

Golden Harvest Park

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Address: 1 1st Rd, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 712 6600

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

Golden Harvest Park is a sprawling 55-hectare park located next to the Northgate Dome in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. The park boasts winding paths around a dam and native bushland, making it a well-kept secret in the city.

It’s a popular spot for dog owners, as dogs can roam freely without leashes and interact with other furry friends. The park also provides specially marked doggy bins for waste disposal, ensuring a clean and enjoyable environment for all visitors.

Pro Tips:
Arm yourself with a field guidebook to discover the park’s indigenous flora and fauna.

Huddle Park Golf & Recreation


Address: 121 Club St, Linksfield, Johannesburg, 2192, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 640 6693

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – 10 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 6:30 AM to 6 PM

Huddle Park has 200 hectares of grassland and woodland, perfect for walking your dog. There are different trails for different fitness levels, so you and your furry friend can explore paths through forests and ponds.

Huddle Park is a peaceful place for dog owners to spend time with their dogs. It’s also a good spot for dog owners who want a big outdoor area with lots of different things to see.

Pro Tips:
Cap off your leisurely stroll through the park with a visit to The Local where you can savor a coffee or dine alfresco in their dog-friendly grassy area. 

Hugh Wyndham Park

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Address: 17 Hume Rd, Dunkeld West, Randburg, 2076, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 712 6600

Hugh Wyndham Park is a delightful green area located in Dunkeld West. It’s a well-kept and clean park where visitors can enjoy leisurely walks with their dogs or by themselves in a welcoming atmosphere.

It also offers a safe kids’ playground and jungle gym, making it a great spot for a family picnic.

Pro Tips:
Enhance your visit to the park with a delightful detour to Fournos Dunkeld, a mere 11-minute stroll away. Fournos guarantees the day’s fresh picks,  including vegetables, fruits, bread, and other culinary delights for your pleasure.

James & Ethel Gray Park

Media from maxinesamuel


Address: Edgewood Avenue &, Melrose St, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 435 4727

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

James & Ethel Gray Park is a pawsome 36-hectare dog park in the upscale neighborhood of Birdhaven, just south of the glitzy Melrose Arch.

It’s particularly popular with dog walkers and offers a lovely, peaceful ambiance with winding walks, clean restrooms, and well-kept grass. Dogs can roam off-leash within the safety of the park’s fenced boundaries.

The park’s location also provides a beautiful view of the Johannesburg skyline.

Pro Tips:
For a delightful dining experience in a cozy setting, you might want to check out Arbour Café & Courtyard. Don’t miss their delectable brie appetizer and flavorful chicken main course.

Johannesburg Botanical Garden

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Address: Olifants Rd, Emmarentia, Randburg, 2195, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 712 6600

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

Johannesburg Botanical Garden spans 81 hectares and serves as a crucial green space in Johannesburg.

It used to be a sports field and golf driving range. Now, it has big grassy areas with trees where people run, have picnics, and walk their dogs.

Designated dog-walking areas, accessible through the doggy entrance located at the Orange Road gate, allow dogs to roam off-leash and even take a dip in the ponds.

Pro Tips:
Join the Sunset Concerts at the park, a weekly celebration that draws a lively crowd with its eclectic mix of local and international music acts.

Loerie Park

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Address: 41 Ferero Ave, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, 2169, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 712 6600

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6:30 AM to 6 PM

Loerie Park is a dog-friendly park that allows your dog to walk freely without a lead. With its fully fenced perimeter and closed gates, the park ensures the safety of both you and your furry friend.

The park features a 1.2-km grass lap, making it an ideal place for walking your dog. Additionally, you’ll find numerous fellow dog walkers at the park, offering ample opportunities for socialization and making new friends for your dog.

Pro Tips:
For a peaceful and productive visit to the park with your canine companion, remember to utilize the provided poop scoops and bags to keep the area clean. Also, take advantage of the complimentary water to keep your dog hydrated. 

Lonehill Park

Media from belleonboard

Address: 34 Calderwood Rd, Lone Hill, Sandton, 2062, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 465 9196 

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

Lonehill Recreational Park is a beautiful park with a breathtaking view of the Lonehill Koppie and a dam as its centerpiece. With lovely ponds and well-maintained grass and plants, it’s a great place to walk your dog, perfect for a leisurely stroll. 

The park features well-maintained grassy meadows, ideal for picnics in the sun, and offers a well-equipped children’s play area.

The park’s dam is home to bass, barbell, and carp, although fishing is not allowed. Additionally, a guard is on duty at the dam, ensuring the safety of visitors and keeping an eye on the fenced play park and dog walkers.

Pro Tips:
For an optimal visit, plan your hike early on the weekend to enjoy a serene ascent and secure a perfect picnic spot at the summit. Don’t forget to pack a lightweight blanket and a snack to savor the panoramic views in leisurely comfort.

Rhodes Park

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Address: Cumberland Rd, Kensington, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

Rhodes Park features a small, beautiful space where dogs can be walked on a leash. The park also boasts stepping stones and railroad sleepers that guide visitors over waterfalls, thickets, and lovely ponds.

Filled with old trees and hidden corners, the park also offers ponds and little lakes with ducks, and fishing is allowed. Plus, guests have access to jungle gyms, a library, tennis courts, a football field, an amphitheater, and a bowling club.

Pro Tips:
Plan a visit during the Kensington Spring Fair for a vibrant community experience. Schedule a story time session at the park’s library for a delightful and educational activity for the little ones.

Sandton Field and Study Centre 

Media from pluckyluke


Address: Driefontein 41-Ir, Sandton, South Africa

Sandton Field and Study Centre is a vast fenced-off area with secure surroundings, ideal for dogs to roam freely. Adjacent to its park, horses intrigue the dogs, adding to their enjoyment.

Additionally, the center offers a wide range of courses, including art, photography, cooking, and various clubs for activities such as Pilates and body conditioning. 

Moreover, language courses in English, Italian, Portuguese, and Zulu are also available.

Pro Tips:
For an ideal braai experience at the park, arrive early to secure a brick stand under the trees for comfort and privacy. Remember to bring your own grill tools and enjoy a smoke-free cookout thanks to the well-spaced braai facilities.

Wilds Nature Reserve


Address: Houghton Dr, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 643 2313

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 6 AM to 6 PM

The Wilds Nature Reserve is a tranquil park where you can escape the nearby inner city suburbs and take your dog for a walk. This place is truly worth all the hype it receives—and not just for humans but for man’s best friend too!

This national landmark is situated in the heart of the city and is often referred to as Joburg’s hidden gem. The park offers ample shade, making it ideal for spending an entire day there.

You can grab the dog treats and take your pet pooch on one of the popular hiking trails where you’ll get to explore the grounds.

Pro Tips:
Start your visit with a morning walk through the West Side’s indigenous gardens to enjoy the cityscape in full glory. You’ll see the tranquil Bushwillow Pond and the panoramic Jock’s View, perfect spots for reflection or a picturesque picnic.

Verity Park

Media from hugocharl

Address: 6th Ave, Parkhurst, Randburg, 2120, South Africa

Verity Park is conveniently located on 6th Avenue in the middle of Parkhurst, also known as Barkhurst due to the high number of dog owners in the area! It’s a great green space for enjoying fresh air, walking the dogs, or getting some exercise.

In addition to being a lovely outdoor area for dog owners to socialize with family and friends, the park also offers playground equipment to keep kids entertained as well as benches for relaxation and taking in the sights and sounds.

Pro Tips:
Always stay vigilant with adventurous dogs, as they might find escape routes. Moreover, enhance your dog’s playtime by bringing a ball, especially since the park lacks engaging scents for them to explore.

Walkhaven Dog Park


Address: Plot 77, Walkhaven farm, M5, Zwartkop, Johannesburg, 1748, South Africa

Phone: +27 71 212 9955

Operating Hours:

  • Open daily – 7 AM to 6:30 PM

Walkhaven Dog Park is a 22-hectare rolling grassland with two dams for dogs to swim in and various hiking trails. It offers braai and picnic facilities and allows dogs to roam leash-free with poo bags available for cleaning up after them.

The park also features a dog-friendly restaurant and bar, making it an ideal location for a fun family day out. Entry for dogs is free, while there is a small fee for humans.

Additionally, the park provides strategically placed picnic and braai facilities for visitors to relax and capture memorable moments with their furry companions.

Pro Tips:
The park also boasts The Walkhaven Kitchen and The Dog Box bar, ensuring that both you and your furry friends are catered for. Pamper your pooch at the top-notch Jurassic Bark Kennel!

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