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Where to Get the Best Eyewear in Johannesburg Homepage

Where to Get the Best Eyewear in Johannesburg

Credibility – Eyewear, especially those with graded lenses, aren’t sold just by anyone. We looked at each clinic’s wealth of experience as well as the credibility of the clinic’s optometrists.

Variety of Eyewear – We like clinics that have a variety of eyewear styles you can choose from. 

Quality of Products – Eyewear is one of the things you’d have to use regularly, so it’s important that you purchase one that’s durable.

Customer Service – We looked at the quality of service these clinics provide their clients. We gave higher points to those that have attentive, friendly, and professional representatives.

1. Blubird Optical

Blubird Optical Homepage


Address: Shop 10, Blubird Centre, Cnr Atholl Oaklands Rd and Fort Str, Birnam, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 887 7174

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Sunday

Google reviews score4.1/5 reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.3/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Variety of Eyewear4/5
Quality of Products4.3/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Allows online appointment setting
  • Has over 15 years of experience in the business
  • Uses high-quality technology
  • Has a one-hour turnaround time 
  • Funky designs


  • Smaller catalogue that’s not available online
  • Doesn’t have a lot of branded eyewear

Blubird Optical is an optometry clinic that was established in 2006. Through the years, they were able to build their build a strong bond with their market and expand their business.

The clinic is fully-equipped with high-quality technology and optometry tools, which is one of the reasons we included them in our list. We like Blubird Optical’s effort to improve efficiency and keep up with the trends.

Another thing we like about this clinic is its systematic processes. We think it’s really convenient that you can easily book an appointment through their website.

Blubird Optical’s staff is highly-praised for their professionalism, know-how, and friendliness towards patients. We love their cheery attitude whenever they’re assisting patients.

Aside from eyewear and contact lenses, Blubird Optical also administers eye exams and provides treatments for dry eye and myopia. We find it valuable that the clinic is a one-stop-shop for vision needs.

We think one of Blubird Optical’s strengths is their quick turnaround time of one hour for single-vision glasses. This is really beneficial, especially for those who can’t function properly without their glasses.

We noticed, though, that they have a smaller catalogue of available eyewear. This can be a problem for those who want a specific style of glasses. 

We also wish that Blubird Optical included their catalogue on their website so customers can see if anything matches their style.

Also take note that compared to other clinics, Blubird Optical doesn’t have much popularly-branded eyewear. There are several less-known branded glasses with funky, unique designs, though!

2. Torga Optical

Torga Optical Homapage


Address: Shop 46 York House Cnr Kerk &, Rissik St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 834 3286

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Facebook reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews4.1/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Variety of Eyewear4.7/5
Quality of Products4.5/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Offers discounts
  • Catalogue is easily viewed through website
  • Has colour options for most frames
  • Free delivery for online purchases
  • Has their own lens manufacturing facility


  • Delivery takes a while
  • Inactive customer support

Torga Optical is a well-established business with over 130 outlets nationwide. The first thing that impressed us about this clinic is its own lens manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest German technology.

They’re the only optical business in South Africa that owns its own facility. This is awesome because it allows Torga Optical to provide top-grade quality eyewear at an affordable price.

In addition, because they manufacture their own lenses, the whole process is faster, and it’s more likely that they have your graded lenses available on hand.

Another thing we love about Torga Optical is their regular discounts for selected frames. Usually, when you buy two pairs of glasses, you score a huge discount on the second pair, which is a great deal.

Their wide selection of frames is easily viewed through their website. We also love that each frame comes in several colours.

Their online store is always open and easy to use, which is a plus for us. Moreover, Torga Optical offers free delivery to all online purchases, amounting to more than R 400.

However, do take note that delivery can take a while. We’re told it usually takes a minimum of three days before you receive your eyewear, which is a bit of a wait, considering you can take a pair home the same day from other clinics.

There are also minor grievances about Torga Optical’s inactive customer support. Customers told us they found it difficult to reach out to the clinic’s representatives with their questions.

3. Global Eyes

Global Eyes Homepage


Address: 65 Lilian Rd, Fordsburg, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 836 0613

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Google reviews score4.6/5 reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.4/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Variety of Eyewear4.5/5
Quality of Products4.5/5
Customer Service4.5/5


  • Broad range of frame designs and colours
  • Has several big brands of eyewear
  • Free shipping
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Offers easy returns within 7 days
  • Offers discounted items


  • Expensive
  • Has fewer choices for optical glasses

Global Eyes is one of South Africa’s biggest and top-performing retailer for designer sunglasses and glasses. They’re known for having a wide selection of luxurious eyewear.

We love that they have everything in every style and every colour. It’s also a plus for us that all available eyewear is posted on their website and can easily be bought online.

Global Eyes accepts secure credit card payments, which is convenient. In addition, all online purchases are delivered free of charge.

The shop is also very confident about the quality of its products. In cases where customers aren’t satisfied, we love that Global Eyes offers easy returns within 7 days of purchase.

Global Eyes is partnered with a long list of big brand names and you can spend a good hour just scrolling through their catalogue of lush specs. We noticed, though, that they have more options for sunglasses compared to optical glasses.

Eyewear at Global Eyes is definitely more expensive than those at their competitors. You might be surprised to find that the cheapest optical glasses and sunglasses are priced at R 5,500. 

Thankfully, they put selected items on sale from time to time, so best to keep your eyes peeled open for a good deal. 

4. Execuspecs 

Execuspecs Homepage


Address: Shop S08b The Neighbourhood Square 40 Huddle Cresent, Club St, Linksfield, Johannesburg, 2192, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 10 141 5654

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score5/5 reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.8/5
Score consistency5/5
Variety of Eyewear4/5
Quality of Products4/5
Customer Service4.6/5


  • Has a no-obligation and free home try-on feature
  • Well-established business with several branches
  • Allows online appointment booking
  • Offers discounted deals
  • Has free eye test and eyewear for children aged 6 to 12 years


  • Small catalogue
  • Takes a minimum of 7 days to manufacture

Next on our list is Execuspecs, a thriving optical retailer that has several branches nationwide. They’re popular for their unique characteristic: the home try-on feature.

Through this, customers can choose up to four pairs of eyeglasses that will then be delivered for free to their addresses for fitting. Customers can hold the items for a whole week to decide.

This is a free, no-obligation initiative and customers can easily return the items if they’re not up to their liking. In our opinion, this is a risky but brilliant marketing strategy, and it really sets the company apart.

We like that Execuspecs’ processes are seamless and are mostly done online. For eye test bookings, you can easily submit a request through their website.

As for their selection, Execuspecs offers fewer choices in terms of style and brands for both optical glasses and sunglasses. 

Although, we like that items are priced reasonably and that there are a bunch of choices for less than R 1000. On top of that, Execuspecs have regular 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 deals for specs and accessories.

However, take into consideration that Execuspecs takes a minimum of 7 days to manufacture your specs. We’re told it takes up to 10 to 12 days before customers receive their orders.

Lastly, we selected Execuspecs also because of their admirable mission to provide children with proper eye care. 

Through their iCare initiative, the clinic is able to provide free eye tests and eyewear for children aged 6 to 12 years, which is just awesome. Details about this promo are also posted on their website.

5. Vision Works Optometrist

 5. Vision Works Optometrists Homepage


Address: The Mall Of Rosebank, 50 Bath Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 880 2516

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Saturday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.8/5
Facebook reviews score3.2/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Variety of Eyewear4/5
Quality of Products4/5
Customer Service3.7/5


  • Free shipping for orders R 1,500 and above
  • Offers 20% off designer sunglasses
  • Has an online optometric platform
  • Also offers lens enhancements
  • Has a big collection of shades and optical glasses
  • Has a variety of smart lenses available


  • Expensive
  • Reports on having rude, unprofessional staff

Vision Works Optometrists is one of Johannesburg’s most- and highly-rated clinic and eyewear retailers. Considering they’re a relatively young business compared to others as big as they are, it’s notable that they were able to build their reputation pretty quickly.

Presently, they’re most popular for their extensive collection of shades and optical glasses. Vision Works Optometrists is partnered with several deluxe brands perfect for those who invest in style.

Aside from sunnies and readers, they also sell contact lenses, accessories, and eye care products

For optical eyewear, we love that Vision Works Optometrists also offer lens enhancements including blue light protection, anti-reflective control, and coatings that are meant to protect the eyes from the sun.

Another thing we love about this eyewear shop is the variety of smart lenses available. Aside from the most usual single-vision lenses, they also have bi-focal, multifocal, and office lenses.

However, previous customers tell us that their eyewear is more expensive than in other shops, especially for branded frames and customised lenses. They do offer discounts now and then, but it’s mostly for designer sunglasses.

Vision Works Optometrists also have an online optometric platform which allows patients to consult with qualified optometrists. In our opinion, this is a great initiative as it’s convenient for patients and is cost-effective.

Our only concern is Vision Works Optometrists’ quality of customer service. Disgruntled customers shared with us their shock and disappointment after dealing with a reportedly rude and unprofessional receptionist at the store.

Some customers also told us that the staff were disorganised, irritable and unattentive, which are red flags for us.

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