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Reviewed The 5 Best Estate Lawyers in Johannesburg

Reviewed: The 6 Best Estate Lawyers in Johannesburg

Background – To gauge their expertise, we made sure to look at the educational and professional background of each estate lawyer. 

Performance – We checked their track records and assessed their previous performance in and out of court.

Rates – The law firms we chose have reasonable rates for their legal services. 

Client Servicing – We assessed the legal team’s and their supporting staff’s attitudes and the quality of service they deliver to their clients.

1. Tafara Mukwani – Mukwani Attorneys

Tafara Mukwani – Mukwani Attorneys Homepage


Address: Office 701, Floor 7, 112 Main St, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, 2107, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 331 0072

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.6/5 reviews score4/4
Total reviews4.7/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Client Servicing3.5/5


  • Law firm’s founder and director
  • Has more than 20 years of experience in law
  • Directly in charge of all estate law cases
  • Has supporting colleagues abroad
  • Great track record


  • Small local team
  • Reports on delayed feedback

Tafara Mukwani is a renowned law expert with a solid track record of successful cases. He took up his LLB at the University of South Africa and was appointed as an attorney by the High Court of South Africa shortly after completing his law degree.

Presently, Atty. Mukwani is the founder and acting director of Mukwani Attorneys based in Marshalltown. 

Atty. Mukwani specialises in five different branches of law, including estate law. In fact, he takes the lead in all estate law cases that the firm handles.

One thing that impressed us about Atty. Mukwani is his wealth of experience. He’s been practising law for the last 20 years and is known for his excellent performance in and out of court. 

We love that the supporting staff at Mukwani Attorneys are all trained and holders of law qualifications from different universities. We think it’s a brilliant strategy to continuously encourage staff members to learn and take courses offered by the Law Society. 

Their broad knowledge in the field is surely helpful in coming up with creative and efficient strategies.

Be advised, though, that their local team is very small and is often busy when handling several big cases simultaneously. 

He also has colleagues supporting the firm in Vancouver and Montreal, Canada, which we think ups their credibility. However, the attorneys they’re partnered with abroad are just consultants.

We’re also iffy about the law firm’s communication with their clients, or more appropriately, the lack of it. There are several complaints from previous clients reporting that they very rarely receive feedback from the firm regarding their cases.

It’s disappointing that clients would have to be the ones to repeatedly reach out just to get an update on their cases. Some clients wait for more than a month just to hear back from Mukwani Attorneys, which we think is just appalling.

2. Hugh Raichlin – Hugh Raichlin Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers

Hugh Raichlin – Hugh Raichlin Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers Homepage


Address: 1 The Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg, 2192, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 483 1527

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.5./5 reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews3.9/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Client Servicing4/5


  • Accredited mediator by the London School of Mediation
  • With over 30 years of expertise
  • Takes advantage of allied fields to provide the best solution
  • Law firm’s founder


  • Weak customer service
  • In-demand and less likely to prioritise smaller cases

Hugh Raichlin is a graduate of BA LLB from the University of the Witwatersrand. He completed his law education in 1985 and has over 30 years of experience providing legal assistance.

Something we found noteworthy about Atty. Raichlin is his mediator accreditation from the London School of Mediation, which is also highly valuable in wills and estate planning.

Atty. Raichlin is the founder of Hugh Raichlin Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers. He also handles contracts, lease agreements and estate agent commission claims. 

We also like the firm’s work strategy with wills and estate planning. The legal team works with allied departments and experts, for example, in tax planning, to come up with tax-effective solutions.

Atty. Raichlin assists in the drafting of the will and even testamentary trusts. He’s highly sought after for his professionalism and composure, even when handling complex cases. 

Previous clients also commend the supporting legal team for their chemistry and efficiency. Our only concern is Atty. Raichlin’s team’s busy schedule. 

They’re the law firm’s star team are often the ones handling complex cases, so it might be challenging to book them to represent more cases at a time.

We also noticed that client relations aren’t the firm’s strongest suit. There are several complaints about their inactive customer service, which makes it difficult for clients to reach out for inquiries.

3. David Hepburn – Schindlers Attorneys

David Hepburn – Schindlers Attorneys Homepage


Address: 2nd floor, 3 Melrose Blvd, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 448 9600

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score3.9/5
Facebook reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Client Servicing4/5


  • One of the law firm’s partners
  • Has over two decades of experience
  • Teamed up with highly-skilled attorneys
  • Known for sticking to deadlines


  • More focused on commercial law
  • Expensive

David Hepburn is quite a known name in the field of law. 

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Law at Rhodes University in 1995. Before law, Atty. Hepburn also took up a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

After being assigned as an attorney, he worked as an Associate at Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes until 2001. The same year, he transferred to Schindlers Attorneys, where he’s been a Partner for 21 years already.

We included Atty. Hepburn for his breadth of experience. Of all the attorneys at Schindlers Attorneys, he’s one of those with the most practice areas in law, including tax law, property law, and estates and trusts.

It’s undeniable, though, that Atty. Hepburn’s speciality is really commercial law. Nonetheless, previous clients compliment him on his know-how and competence.

Atty. Hepburn is also supported by a team of qualified attorneys. One thing we like is how well they work together as a unit. 

His bunch is also commended for their efficiency and dedication to the planned case timeline. Their organisation and commitment are a big plus for us.

Nonetheless, you should consider your budget before hiring Schindlers Attorneys for your estate case. We’re told their rates for legal services are higher compared to some competitors.

4. Bartho Van Tonder – Thomson Wilks Inc Attorneys

Bartho Van Tonder – Thomson Wilks Inc Attorneys Homepage


Address: 23 Impala Rd, Chislehurston, Sandton, 1969, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 784 8984

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.6/5 reviews score3.4/5
Total reviews4.3/5
Score consistency4/5
Client Servicing4/5


  • Well-established firm joined by more than 40 accomplished attorneys
  • Wide area of practice
  • Law firm’s director
  • Seasoned litigator


  • More focused on commercial and corporate law
  • Based outside of the city

Next on our list is Bartho Van Tonder, one of Thomson Wilks Inc Attorneys’ most in-demand attorneys. 

He finished his undergraduate and law studies at the University of Capetown and Stellenbosch. He then worked on his articles in Nelspruit and was admitted as an attorney by the High Court of South Africa in 2009.

Although he has fewer years of practice than the other attorneys in our list, we found Atty. Van Tonder to be a high-performing and reputable professional. We’re impressed with his performance in handling especially complex cases.

Also, Trusts and Wills are only two of many areas of laws he’s well-versed in. He’s also an expert in over 20 more turfs including property, criminal, IP, and labour and employment law. 

While he does like taking lead in varying cases, he’s more focused on commercial and corporate law.

Atty. Van Tonder is also known for his exemplary litigation skills. On top of that, he’s very active in writing, having several pieces broadcasted, published, and printed.

In relation to estate law, Atty. Van Tonder has substantial experience in drafting agreements, wills, and trusts.

His expertise in several fields of law is strength in handling estate law cases because he’s able to consult in different areas and come up with brilliant and thoroughly planned solutions.

However, do take note that Atty. Van Tonder’s firm, Thomson Wilks Inc Attorneys, is based in Sandton. Some might find it an inconvenience to have to drive for almost an hour for every consultation and huddle.

5. Reshaad Tarmahomed Attorneys


Address: Sandton, Lenasia, Fordsburg South Africa

Contact Details: 074 6559 074; 082 817 8636

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5 reviews score4/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4/5
Client Servicing4/5


  • Exceptional legal expertise
  • Efficient and streamlined processes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Meticulous attention to detail


  • Busy during peak days

We recently had the privilege of engaging the services of Reshaad Tarmahomed Attorneys for our estate planning needs.

To put it succinctly, we were left thoroughly impressed with their performance. This legal establishment is the epitome of excellence in the realm of estate law.

From the moment we set foot in their office, it was evident that efficiency was their guiding principle. Their streamlined processes and meticulous attention to detail made our estate planning journey an absolute breeze.

We found ourselves thinking, “If only every aspect of life could be as well-organized as Reshaad Tarmahomed Attorneys.”

Quality is the cornerstone of this esteemed firm. They left no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspect of our estate plan was impeccable.

It’s clear they take immense pride in their work, and it shows in every document they produce. Their commitment to excellence is truly commendable.

We were delighted to discover that Reshaad Tarmahomed Attorneys offers a level of service that is not only top-notch but also competitively priced.

They provide exceptional value for the investment you make in securing your family’s future. After our experience, we can confidently say that they are worth every penny.

Sadly, they can get busy during peak days. We suggest booking them ahead of time.

6. Vusani Munyai – Molefe Dlepu Incorporated

Vusani Munyai – Molefe Dlepu Incorporated Homepage


Address: 70 Northumberland Rd, South Kensington, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa

Contact Details: +27 11 616 0005

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5 reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency4/5
Client Servicing4.3/5


  • Takes charge of all estate cases
  • Affordable rates
  • Black-owned and -run law firm


  • Small team
  • Usually fully-booked

Vusani Munyai is one of Molefe Dlepu Incorporated’s accomplished attorneys. He’s a talented attorney with an LLB from the University of Venda.

Although he’s still young and has less experience than other estate law experts, we were impressed with his performance in case management and legal advisory. We’re sure the firm’s directors see it too, as he’s the lead for all estate cases.

Previous clients compliment Atty. Munyai for his first-rate research skills and his bravado during litigation. 

Molefe Dlepu Incorporated is a small but reputable law firm established over 25 years ago. We admire that part of their mission is to provide high-quality legal assistance at an affordable rate.

A notable feature of this law firm is they’re 100% black-owned and -run.In our opinion, this is one of Molefe Dlepu Incorporated’s biggest strengths.

Many clients, especially people of colour, find this characteristic empowering and assuring at the same time.

Molefe Dlepu Incorporated is mostly focused on civil litigation, commercial law, notarial services, estate, and asset management.

For the administration of estates, they provide assistance for deceased estates, insolvent estates, liquidations, curatorship, and drafting of wills.

Our only concern is the law firm’s capacity to work on several estate cases all at once as Atty. Munyai is the only attorney handling them.

Molefe Dlepu Incorporated only has three attorneys accompanied by two directors. Their small team of law experts is often jam-packed with several cases from both big and small clients.

Because of this, there may be cases where it can be difficult to secure a slot with them.

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